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M.Smith: Resting Among The Bones

This is the one I was talking about on Facebook.  It’s current title is Resting Among The Bones, however I also feel like Spirit In The Air or Can You Feel Me There? are apropo titles as well so let me know what you think after reading the piece.  This is another one inspired by a prompt, this prompt was simply:  how do you see a higher power?  So I decided to attempt an omniscient/persona piece to convey it.

Let me know what you think!

Some say I’m this enigma,

This ideal, this dream.

That floats above the planet,

But always sees.

Some say I’m a feeling,

Way down deep inside

That reminds them each day

That they have no reason to hide.

Some say my words mean nothing,

While others build them high.

Some say there is light along

A faraway path.

Others speak only of my

Unspeakable wrath.

Yet not once has anyone spoken of

my own insights shared.

How I created only one and

Only one will survive.

That which is pure, unkempt, and alive.

I am not here to

Judge or deprive.

I am only here to allow you to thrive.

To show you the way

Either in darkness or light.

Whatever you choose

It is your choice alone.

I will be here,

Resting among the bones.


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M.Smith: Play The Game

I personally love this piece just because its fun and it plays on transitions.  I want to work on the verbage however so dont be surprised if its updated in the next few days.

Shhhh… There it is.

The roll of the dice,

The shuffle of the cards,

It’s just another game.

The diamonds in the rough,

The shattering of hearts,

It’s just another game.

The split second decision,

The booming of the gun,

It’s just another game.

The choice to go left,

The desire to go right,

It’s just another game.

The opening of the heart,

The closeted feelings of the brain,





So play wisely.

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M.Smith: Lifetime of Choices

Short, sweet, and to the point.  It appeared in my head and then stayed there for over four hours, therefore it was telling me that it must be written down.

We are born with the ability

To live any life we choose

But it is along the path of life

That we discover what we have to lose

It’s about the things we do

And even who we are

And what we find inside ourselves

That work to raise the bar.

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M.Smith: Another Life

So I decided to randomly look up poetry prompts in order to get this block in my head moved out so I could enjoy writing again.  This one was triggered by the prompt: choices you make.  It just kind of jumped into my head and this is currently the second draft so it still has a long way to go but I thought I’d post it and see what you think. 🙂

If you were able to choose,

With whom to switch and start anew,

What would you have to lose?

Would you be an airplane pilot,

Way up in the sky,

With all the gas and time and pride,

With only wind for your demise?

Would you be a teacher,

Sheltered within four walls,

With all the hopes and dreams of students,

Carried in your mind?

Would you be a doctor,

Holding the needle and the thread,

Watching the faces of families,

As their faces fill with dread?

Would you be the leader,

That swallows all the pain,

That takes in those around you,

And harbors them within?

Or would you be yourself,

With all the flaws and stipulations,

With all the greatness locked inside,

Bubbling to the surface?

If you were given the choice,

Of who to be and when to be it,

Would you change everything

About the way you see it?

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M.Smith: Sometime Far Away

So this is an oldie that I found when I was exploring an old thumb drive of mine.  I believe it was written my sophomore year in high school.  Let me know what you think and if you have any comments/opinions/criticism to improve it! 🙂

Sometimes hope isn’t what you thought it would be

Sometimes it’s hard to forget everything and just believe

Sometimes the world can’t stand at ease

And sometimes it’s not worth it to try and please.

Sometimes dreams are too impossible to come true

Sometimes these weird ideas come out of the blue

Sometimes it’s hard to just have a single clue

And sometimes you just have to make do.

Sometimes the world will spin and turn

Sometimes you’ll want something but don’t want to learn

Sometimes you’ll pray not to be put in an urn

And sometimes you want to throw yourself over the stern.

Sometimes you don’t know where you’re supposed to go

Sometimes that line is very hard to toe

Sometimes a present can’t be tied with a bow

And sometimes you’ll wish that you didn’t have to know.

Sometimes you’ll hold things close to your heart

Sometimes you’ll try to get a new start

Sometimes you’ll attack the board with a dart

And sometimes things happen that you don’t want to cart.

Sometimes all you’ll want to do is cry

Sometimes it’ll be too hard to say goodbye

Sometimes you’ll find yourself being too shy

And sometimes you’ll know the answer and why.

Sometimes those fears just can’t be explained

Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to be tamed

Sometimes you feel like you should be ashamed

And sometimes you’ll look around and see that you’ve changed.

Sometimes obstacles will stand in your way

Sometimes you won’t know what to say

Sometimes a small action will ruin your day

And sometimes your heart will make you stay.

Sometimes it’s not right to try and go too fast

Sometimes it’s not right to make it last

Sometimes it’s a mess to explain your past

And sometimes you’ll end up in a cast.

Sometimes you’ll miss the fun times you’ve had

Sometimes you’ll only remember the bad

Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to get mad

And sometimes you’ll wish that things weren’t quite so sad.

Sometimes you wish you could go on probation

Sometimes you’ll try to have a revelation

Sometimes you’ll see you don’t deserve this relation

And sometimes you’ll dread the day of graduation.

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J.McD.L – Observing, Experiencing 10-13

So, obviously I haven’t been on here in a while, but here’s a poem I just finished today (Monday). I have a handful of others that I’ve already written, and am about to write that I need to post as well, but in the mean time, enjoy this one. It’s involving things going on in my life, along with various events around the world, such as the Arab Spring that I described and mentioned without actually naming… well, enjoy!

Observing, Experiencing 10 – 13

Almost three years; drought, exhaustion,

Blind trepidation.

Two colleges; multiple majors, sixty credits,

Without a dent in one.

Desiring purpose; reasoning, questioning,

Asking why and what’s next.

Discovering myself; growing, learning,

What it is I prefer.

Learning life; politics, relationships,

The rules of society.

Helplessly observing the world’s malice; violence, pain,

Cries from those within reach.

Proudly watching cultures rally; challenge, revolt,

Overthrow those who had wronged them.

Standing up to people; cowards, bullies,

Assholes who are friends no longer.

Realizing the effects of twelve years; sleepless nights, anger,

Depression with few ups and deep dips.

Honing in on my love for written word; imagery, poetry,

An art not often appreciated.

Striving for relationships; friends, significant other,

Little to no luck with either.

Changing occupations; unemployed, laid off,

Working toward a dead end.

Experiencing stupidity; Tacoma, F-150,

An Accord requiring a new door.

Acquiring transportation; Villager, Toyota,

My own little Red Baron.

Watching natural destruction; Haiti, Japan,

Sandy ravaging the East Coast.

American political changes; Barack Obama, Tea Party,

Occupy Wall Street protesting malpractice.

Mourning for those murdered in Tucson; Aurora, Newtown,

As politicians and executive orders restrict our rights.

Finding classmates pregnant; married, divorced,

All too young to publically buy and consume.

Diverting to familiarities; home, family,

Dreams of training and breeding horses.

Plans for enrollment at more colleges; Equine Science, Veterinary Technology,

Animal Science, with eyes on Rasmussen Ranches and teaching.

Change was promised in 2008; change is what we got,

On a level no one could predict.

Just over two decades since my birth; witnessing the last three years,

The greatest impact on my life so far.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren

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J.McD.L – You

So, last night, it rained a little with lightning and thunder and I suddenly felt the need to write a poem this morning.  So, here it is!!


As I watch the lightning flash in Northern skies, I think about you, who called me fat, who laughed at me, who scoffed at me for having trouble breathing after finishing my lap, three minutes after you.  As I hear the rumble of thunder, I think about you, who called me names, who called me tattle-tale when I told someone in order to stop the tormenting, you who punched me in the gut after the teacher heard what you called me in front of all our classmates in line for lunch.  As I watch the pine trees in my back yard begin to sway and dance to the wind, I think about you, who with my same name poked and laughed, who just continued the fight against me where others left off, who kicked and pushed down my saxophone after band.  As I hear the pitter-patter of rain on my roof, I think about you, who with your monkey of a friend began my freshman year with a whole new round of bullying, who threatened to kick me in the balls until I cried in front of everyone on the bus, who made fun when I began to “retaliate” as you said.  As I watch the bolt strike against Southern skies and I snap a picture, I think about you, who made me feel weak, who was arrogant as shit despite your lack of ability to pass one simple test, who with your loud opinions trashed me for trying to take shots of a Tucson storm.  As I hear the crash of thunder, I think about you, who smoked pot in your room that I shared a vent with, who banged on my door and woke me up so you wouldn’t have to go get a key from an RA because you locked yourself out, who I finally told to fuck off and leave me alone.  As I go inside, I think about all of you, who fucked my life over for twelve and a half years, who still haunt my memories no matter how much you apologize, who I’m still not ready to forgive but would love to forget.

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Ashley Wolek: Dessert Fiasco

One of my favorite poems, I wrote this as a response to a peer’s poem in my Poetry class.

Dinner switched its groove

This is now a dessert for two.

Counter top

Smooth Tile

Dinner table

Dim lights

Wall Stability

Cabinets to grasp

Stove top

It’s burning up…

to decorate the kitchen,

will find the best cushion

we just need to grate off these clothes.

Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate

it all meshes together

to each their own, it always goes

and what would be better?

the touch of a feather,


the indulgence of full sensation

from impulsive penetration?

pretty please, with a cherry on top,

drizzle this skin with each drop

of pleasure. 

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J.McD.L – Red Watermelon

So, summer is starting, the official start being June 21st though here in Arizona, it started some time in May. 🙂  Anyway, here’s a poem that I started last semester in my poetry class and just finished up today.  Enjoy!

Red Watermelon

It was the long green picnic table that had

been brought in years before; how we would

eat red watermelon slices in the summer;

the old wood stove that nearly burnt the place

down one summer; the sink with faucets

like those connected to the hose that didn’t exist

in the yard; the laminate flooring and the broken

cabinets; how a rolling pin would go from one

side of the room to the other in the matter

of seconds; the flag hanging on the wall

with not quite 50 stars, while it stared

at the map across the room, my family

having notated the best creeks for fishing;

that smell of frying fish covered in corn meal,

attempting to eat it without swallowing

the bones; the window looking out on the porch

where my uncle’s horse once came to say

hello; the floor where at the beginning

of every summer, we found a mouse who

had nibbled on a piece of cheese or peanut

butter before the spring released; the attic

where we’d hear squirrels scurrying at night

while we lay in our beds; the window we

would look out onto seemingly endless land,

cedar and pine spotting the landscape; the cattle

grazing in the field across the dirt road.

It was the cattle that my Papa lived for,

ranching on that land, land that he bought

and traded for.  His spirit will roam that

kitchen, his hands brushing walls that no

longer stand, before settling down to watch

as my grandmother, his eldest, says grace

before we eat our dinner, slices of red

watermelon in the middle of the table.

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Ashley Wolek: A Drowning Phoenix- A Villanele

At the time of writing this poem, I was coming to the realization that I need to throw my mind on straight, and to grab ahold of everything in my life that was overwhelming me. 

As a Phoenix dies, and rises from their ashes, I realized that I need to stop how I prioritize, and start out new.

As much as i would like to breathe, drowning

has never felt so relieving

to disappear, close the eyes and sing.

A loss of a support sling

each goal falling harder.

As much as i would like to breathe, drowning.

Each pulse is muffled, leaving it sounding

As if the verse has died, i try

to disappear, close my eyes and sing.

Crawl up the courage, anything i could bring.

I, alone, can become the Phoenix.

As much as I would like to breathe, drowning.

Each sun rising, every moon frowning.

I will rise from my ashes

to disappear, close these eyes, and sing.

As I wake to this new morning

My head held leveled, I say goodbye to the last of me.

As much as I would like to breathe, drowning

to disappear, close the eyes and sing

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